Reports of the XXIY International Scientific Symposium "Miner's Week - 2016"

XXIV International Scientific Symposium

“Miner’s Week-2016”

25 – 29 January 2016

Moscow, NUST “MISiS”, Mining institute building

Carried out with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research



Mining Institute of National University of Science & Technology “MISiS”

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, RAS

Scientific Council for Problems of Mining Sciences, RAS



January 26 – Plenary session (Time: 10:00)

January 26-29 Seminars of International Scientific Symposium “Miner’s Week-2016”, the exhibition.

January 28 Meeting of the Scientific Council on the use of explosions in economic purposes (Time: 10:00 am; Venue: Meeting Hall of Mining institute building)

January 29 Meeting of the Scientific Council on Mining Sciences (Time: 10:00am; Venue: Meeting Hall of Mining institute building)

January 26-29 tour around the scientific laboratories, centers, Mining and Metals departments (NUST “MISiS”), and the geological museum.



  • Mining gas and oil geology, geophysics and surveying
  • Rock mechanics. Mine aero- and gas dynamics. Mining thermophysics
  • Geotechnology (underground, opencast and building)
  • Mining machinery. Electrotechnical systems and complexes
  • Mineral processing
  • Geoinformatics
  • Geoecology
  • Economics and management of mining production
  • Mining metallurgy


 Seminars will be held in the following scientific fields:

Mining gas and oil geology, geophysics, and surveying.

Seminar №1. Mining Geology (8(499)230-2485)
Seminar №2. Problems of mining surveying, geometry, and qualimetry (8(499)230-2558)
Seminar №3. Problems of geophysical control the state of geological environment under technogenic impacts (8(499)230-2593)

Rock mechanics. Mine aero- and gas dynamics. Mining thermophysics

Seminar №4. Modern problems of physical processes of mining (8(499)230-2570)
Seminar №5 Explosive processes and technologies (8(499)230-2543)
Seminar №6. Aerology, methane, safety (8(499)230-2584), т. 8(499)230-2730

Economics and management of mining production. Geoecology.

Seminar №7. Mining ecology (8(495)360-5417), (т. 8(495)360-9687)
Seminar №8. Economics of mining operations and environmental management (8.915-296-50-01)

Seminar №9. Finance and management of mining (8(499)230-0722)

Seminar №10. Engineering environment protection (8(499)230-2556)
Seminar №11. Geodynamic and environmental safety while mineral resources and the earth's surface development (8(499)230-2556)
Seminar №12. Technical regulation in the field of solid mineral fuels (8(499)230-2449), 8(916)597-0301)


Seminar №13. Automation of technological mining processes and production (8(499)230-2633)
Seminar №14. Intelligent GIS management of mining (8(499)230-2471)
Seminar №15. Computer-aided design in mining (8(499) 230-2404)
Seminar№16. Technical means for mine safety (8(499) 230-2531)

Geotechnology (underground, opencast and building)

Seminar №17. Underground mining of bedded deposits (8(499)230-9466)
Seminar №18. Problems of the theory and practice of open cast mining (8(499)230-2487)
Seminar №19. Design issues and technologies for underground and combined development of ore and non-metallic deposits (8(499)230-2470)
Seminar №20. Technological and ecological-economic problems of underground space development of megacities (8(499)230-2457)
Seminar №21. Prospects of development of physical-chemical methods of mining (8(499)237-4716)

Mining machinery. Electrotechnical systems and complexes

Seminar №22. Mining and transport machinery and equipment for mineral processing and environmental protection (8(499)230-2497)
Seminar №23. Mining machinery and equipment (8(499)230-2443)
Seminar №24. Up-to-date technologies for mining engineering (8(499)230-9440)
Seminar №25. Electrification and energy conservation in mining industry (8(499)230-2335).
Seminar №26. Natural stone. Design. Technology (8(499)230-2792)

Mineral processing

Seminar №27. Physical and chemical methods of mineral processing (8(499)230-2715)


Seminar №28. The history of the Moscow Mining Institute (8(499)230-2417)


Round table discussion

«Ecological problems of waste glass and other mining and industrial waste utilization» (8(926)230-3376)

«Development cooperation: innovation, risk, effectiveness» (8(495)691-6834)

«The best available technology in the mining industry» (8(926)153-0671)

«The implementation of the program of import substitution in the mining machinery industry and the mining industry, conducting geological exploration, mining and processing mineral» (8(495)360-4807)



Application for participation in seminars Scientific must be submitted by the Committee not later than December 4, 2015 via E-mail: Applications received after this date will not be included in the symposium program.

Applications from mining and metallurgical organizations, universities, research institutes, Russian and foreign companies on giving presentations in the “Miner’s Week-2016” can be submitted and considered for participation.





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1Each seminar may be claimed no more than two reports.

*The cost of participation with a stand at the exhibition for 1 m2 - 3000 rubles, including VAT.


January 25 - organizing day, registration (10: 00-17: 00)

January 26 - registration (9:00 -10: 00)


Information on the “Miner’s Week-2016” and all changes are available on WEB-SITE:


Address for correspondence: Russia, 119049, Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 4, NUST "MISiS", Mining institute building, Organizing Committee office of the “Miner’s Week-2016”


The Organizing Committee of the Miner’s Week-2016. Phone: +7(499) 230-2751, Koroleva Valentina, E-mail:





Reports of participants will be published: (Optional authors) in the Mining Information and Analytical Bulletin  during the year.


  • payment for the publication of articles will be charged
  • priority is given to the publication period articles internal participants of the symposium
  • all articles are reviewed, the editors decide on the publication of the results of scientific peer review
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Report (with the obligatory indication of the seminar) should be brought directly on the seminars (the printed text of the report and a diskette with the text editor Word).

In the case of external participation please send via mail to via e-mail

before 25 January 2016.