will follow 14 conferences in this series, held in Chalkidiki, Greece (2013); Mie, Japan (2010); Barcelona, Spain (2007); Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK (2004); Haifa, Israel  (2001); Praha, Czech Republic (1998); Lisboa, Portugal (1995); Thessaloniki, Greece (1992); Paris, France (1989);
The current name of iib-conferences was established in 1989 in Paris.
Before 1989 the following “ancestor” conferences took place:

“Grain boundary structure and related phenomena” Lake Placid, USA (1987)

“Grain boundary structure and related phenomena” JIMIS-4, Minakami, Japan (1985)

“International conference on the structure and properties of internal interfaces”, Irsee, West Germany (1984)

“Computer simulation in the study of solid-solid interfaces”, Philadelphia, PA, USA (1983)

1st All-union conference "Structure and properties of grain boundaries", Ufa, USSR (1983)

Caen, France (1982)

2nd All-Union seminar "Structure and properties of grain boundaries", Chernogolovka, USSR (1982)

“Grain boundary structure and kinetics”, ASM Materials Science Seminar, Milwakee, WI, USA (1979) 

1st All-Union seminar "Structure and properties of grain boundaries", Chernogolovka, USSR (1979)

“Grain boundaries and interfaces”, Yorktown Heights, New Yor, USA (1971)

“Properties of grain boundaries” (4e Colloque de Métallurgie), Saclay, France, 1960

The iib Conferences which are held every three years, represent a unique international forum bringing together the specialists working in different areas of Interface Science. Researchers that otherwise are mainly focused on their scientific domain have a unique opportunity to exchange their views and ideas with colleagues investigating the different aspects of interfacial behaviour; iib conferences strongly promote an interdisciplinary approach in interface science.

A variety of hot topics will be covered such as:
-- Characterization of interfaces: atomic and electronic structure
-- Modeling of interfaces: analytical and phenomenological approaches, numerical simulations, ab-initio modelling
-- Thermodynamics and kinetics of interfaces: phase transformations, segregation, transport phenomena, migration and gliding, growth - recrystallization
-- Mechanical properties and interfaces
-- Interfaces in advanced and emerging materials: properties and applications 
-- Electronic, magnetic and photonic materials, energy materials, nanomaterials and low-dimensional systems, metals, ceramics, composites, polymer and organic materials, biomaterials

iib-2016 will be a one-session conference based on invited lectures, extended discussion periods, and poster sessions (posters will be exposed during entire duration of the conference). iib-2015 will take place from 23 till 27. May 2016 in Moscow the National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” (former Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys). The conference place is close to the city centre and is easy to access by train and metro from the international airports in Sheremetjevo (SVO), Vnukovo (VKO) and Domodedovo (DME).

Organized by:
National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia

Co-organized by:

Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Russia