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01 October 2017.Applied Optics feature issue is open for submissions.

Following the conference, the feature issue of Applied Optics will be published by OSA. The issue is open for full-size paper submissions till 1 November 2017.

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Applied Optics paper submissions deadline:
31 October 2017

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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to the International Conference "13th School on Acousto-Optics and Applications" which will be held on 19-23 June 2017 in Moscow, Russia. The conference continues a series of triennial topical meetings devoted to problems of light-with-ultrasound interaction. The tradition of the Schools on Acousto-Optics and Applications was established by the University of Gdansk and starts from 1980. This is a meeting point for fundamental and applied science with technology and end users. Along with traditional applications of acousto-optics such as spectroscopy and laser beam controlling we welcome contributions in new fields: diffraction of light by ultrasound in irregular media, phenomena of quantum optics, nonstationary interactions of ultrashort optical and ultrasonic pulses, etc. Traditionally, the conference will also include sessions on laser photoacoustics and new materials for acousto-optics.

The 13th School on Acousto-Optics and Applications is co-organized by the National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Russia) and the University of Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland). The venue of the conference is in the heart of Moscow, just 3 km from the Kremlin.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 13th School on Acousto-Optics and Applications in Moscow during the summer of 2017.

Dr. Vladimir Molchanov,
General co-chair of the conference

Visit Moscow

National University of Science and Technology MISIS is located at the heart of the Moscow city center in the close range from main cultural facilities of the city. You can easily reach the Kremlin, main art museums, and historical sites at a distance of several Metro stations or just by foot.

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