Doctor of science in Solid state physics,
Author of more than 150 papers in metal physics and materials science.
Director of the Institute of new materials and nanotechnologies NITU MISIS.
Professor at Physico-Chemical Department
Graduated from MISIS in 1981.
Institution address: MISA, Leninsky prospect, 4. Moscow, 119991, Russia
Tel./Fax: (007-495) 230-45-95
E-mail address:

Fields of Research:

  • Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys;
  • Mechanochemical synthesis of materials
  • Composite materials
  • Microcalorimetry

Training courses:

  • Thermodynamics (3 semester)
  • Thermodynamics of alloys (6 semester)
  • Amorphous alloys (8, 10 semester)

Education, work positions:

2006 - up to now Director of the Institute of new materials and nanotechnologies NITU MISIS
1988 – up to now Head of Scientific Laboratory Amorphous and microcrystalline alloys in MISIS, renamed into the Center of composite materials in 2008
2003 Professor at Physico-Chemical Department of MISIS
1996 - 2003 Ass. Professor at Physico-Chemical Department of MISIS
1998 Doctor of science in physics and mathematics (speciality «Solid state physics»), the field of dissertation – thermodynamics and kinetics of transformations in amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys, mechanical alloying
1986 - 1988 Research fellow of Moscow State Steel and Alloys Institute Work concerned the methods of metals refinement.
1987 - 1988 Expert of State Institute of Patent Commission
1985 Ph.D., speciality - «Solid state physics»,the field - amorphous metals
1982 - 1985 Post-graduate student of Physical-chemical Department of Moscow State Steel and Alloys Institute
1975 - 1981 Ph.D., speciality - «Solid state physics»,the field - amorphous metals

Conferences and publications:

List of publications includes more than 150 published articles in scientific journals and books, 3-4 every year presentations at Russian and International scientific conferences.

List of the most important papers:

  • С.Д.Калошкин, И.А.Томилин. Об определении энергии активации кристаллизации аморфных металлических сплавов при нагреве Материаловеде-ние,1997, с.7-13
  • S.D.Kaloshkin. Nanocrystallisation of Fe-based Amorphous Alloys. Mater. Sci. Forum, 307 (1999), pp.119-124. J.ofMetastableandNanocrystalline Mater. 1(1999), p.119-124.
  • S.D. Kaloshkin. Thermodynamic Description of the Phase Transformation Mechanism During Mechanical Alloying process. Mater. Sci. Forum, 2000, v. 343-346, p. 591-596.
  • S.D. Kaloshkin, V.V. Tcherdyntsev, Yu.V. Baldokhin, I.A. Tomilin, E.V. Shelekhov. Mechanically alloyed low nickel austenite Fe-Ni phase: evidence of single phase paramagnetic state. J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 2001, vol. 287, p. 329–333.
  • S.D. Kaloshkin, V.V. Tcherdyntsev, I.A. Tomilin, Yu.V. Baldokhin, E.V. Shelekhov. Phase Transformations in Fe-Ni System at Mechanical Alloying and Consequent Annealing of Elemental Powder Mixtures. Physica B, 2001, v. 299, p. 236–241.
  • A.I. Salimon, A.M. Korsunsky, S.D. Kaloshkin, V.V.Tcherdyntsev, E.V.Shelekhov, T.A.Sviridova The Evolution of Crystalline Precursors During the Formation of Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystalline Intermetallics in Mechanically Alloyed Powders. Mater. Sci. Forum., 2001, vol. 360-362, p. 137-142.
  • L.Yu. Pustov, S.D. Kaloshkin, V.V. Tcherdyntsev, I.A. Tomilin, E.V.Shelekhov, A.I.Salimon. Experimental measurement and theoretical computation of milling intensity and temperature for the purpose of mechanical alloying kinetics description. Mater. Sci. Forum, 2001, vol. 360-362, p.373–378.
  • V. Zhukova, S. Kaloshkin, A. Zhukov and J. Gonzalez. DSC studies of Finemet-type glass-coated mictrowires. J. Magn. Magn. Mat., 249 (2002) 108-112
  • V.V. Tcherdyntsev, S.D. Kaloshkin, A.I. Salimon, I.A. Tomilin, A.M. Korsunsky. Quasicrystalline phase formation by heating a mechanically alloyed Al65Cu23Fe12 powder mixture. J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 2002, vol. 312-314, pp. 522-526
  • S.D. Kaloshkin, I.A. Tomilin, V.V. Tcherdyntsev. Thermodynamic Approach to the Description of the Steady-State Phase Composition of Alloys Obtained by Mechanical Alloying Technique. J. Metast. Nanocryst. Mater., 2003, vol. 15-16, pp. 209 – 214
  • Романьков С.Е., Калошкин С.Д., Пустов Л.Ю. Синтез титаноалюминидных покрытий методом механического сплавления и последующего отжига на поверхности титана и алюминия // ФММ.- 2006.-Т.101,№1.-С.65-73.
  • Е.А.Леонова, С.Д.Калошкин, И.А.Томилин Термическая устойчивость и фазовые превращения при кристаллизации аморфных сплавов на основе циркония. I. Система Cu-ZrII. Система Zr-Ni-Al. Известия РАН Серия Физическая, т. 65, № 10, 2001, с. 1420-1428
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  • S.D. Kaloshkin, L.-J. Vandi, V.V. Tcherdyntsev, E.V. Shelekhov, V.D. Danilov. Multi-scaled polymer-based composite materials synthesized by mechanical alloying. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, v. 483, 2009, p.195-199
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