+7(495) 638-45-17, e-mail: bautin@list.ru

Graduate chairs of materials technology and thermal processing of materials of MATI-RGTU of K.E.Tsiolkovsky of 2002. With 2002 for 2005 it was trained in internal postgraduate study of chair of corrosion MISiS. Worked as the main technologist in Joint-Stock Company "NAMIP" («New anticorrosive materials and coverings») functioning in MISiS within the limits of the program START with support of Fund of assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in scientific and technical sphere. Now the senior lecturer of chair of protection of metals and technology of a surface, PhD.

Area of scientific interests:

  • Oxidation metals and alloys.
  • Composite materials and coverings

The training courses read at university:

  • Corrosion and protection of metals
  • Corrosion of metals and nano-crystal materials
  • Protective organic coverings on metal products

The basic publications:

  • Model concepts of the mechanism of microarc oxidation of metal materials and the control over this process / A.G. Rakoch, V.V. Khokhlov, V.A. Bautin, N.A. Lebedeva, Yu.V. Magurova, I.V. Bardin // Protection of Metals. 2006. V. 42. № 2. P. 158-169.
  • Rakoch A.G., Bautin V. A, Bardin I.V., Kovalev V. L. The mechanism and kinetic features microarc оксидирования magnesian alloy МЛ5пч in the electrolits containing NH4F//Corrosion: Materials, Protection, 2007, №9, with. 7-13.
  • V.V., Kutyrev A.E., Bautin V. A, Dementeva E.S.'s crests - Influence of modifying of a surface of metals and alloys under the influence of fluorides on the physical and chemical processes proceeding on heterophase border//Corrosion: materials, Protection. 2004 №4 с.2.

The basic educational literature, the author or which co-author is the teacher:

  • J.A.Pustov, A.G.Rakoch, V.A.Bautin. Corrosion and protection of metals in gas environments: the Practical work. – М: MISiS, 2009. – 101 with.

Participation in scientifically research works grants, workings out:

  • Scientifically research work «Research and working out of modes бесхроматного anodizings of sheets from an alloy 2024». The contract № 138/04-2 from 21.12.04 with EADS Deutschland GmbH Corporate Research CenterGermany and MNIIPU.
  • Research and development under the program START «Research of activation of process microplasma оксидирования (MPO) alloys on the basis of Al and Mg». The contract №2886/5303 from 19.01.05