Boris S.Bokstein (Bokshteyn), professor, born July 24, 1935

Education: M.Sc.(Metal Physics),1958; Ph.D,1962 & D.Sc.,1971(Solid State Physics)

Area of Expertise: Materials Science, diffusion and defects in metals and ceramics, grain boundary diffusion and grain boundary segregation, grain boundary wetting, liquid and solid metal embrittlement. Scientific Advisor of Pechiney Group, France (1994-1999) and Inland Steel Corporation (1995 – 2005).

Publications: more than 250 papers, including 9 books and 3 text-books. During last 5 years:
B.Bokstein, M.Mendelev, D.J.Srolovitz “Thermodynamics & Kinetics in Materials Science”, Oxford Univ.Press, 2005; B.S.Bokstein, A.B.Yaroslavtsev “ Diffusion of Atoms and Ions in , Solids”, MISIS Press, 2005; “Diffusion in Solids – Past, Present and Future” B.Bokstein, B.Straumal – Eds., ttp LTD, 2006; B.Bokstein, A.Rodin “Concentration Phase Transition Asociated with Grain Boundaries in Systems with Restricted Solubility” Int. J.of Mat. Res. (formerly Zt. Fur Metkunde) 4 (2009) 522; M.I.Mendelev, A.O.Rodin and B.S.Bokstein “Computer Simulation of Diffusion in Dilute Al-Fe Alloys”Def.and Dif.Forum, 289-292 (2009)733, etc.

Honors and Awards: Lady Davis Professor,1994, George Soros Professor,1995, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation,1996, Membre d’Honneur de la Societe Francaise de Metalurgie et de Materiaux,1998, Honored Educationalist of Russian Federation,1999, Honorary Chairman of DSL-2009 (Int. Conf. ‘Diffusion in Solids and Liquids”), Award “Moscow Grant” in the field of Science, Technology and Education (2001 – 2005), Award for Career Achievements,2009

Professional Services: Member of Editorial Boards of "Solid State Phenomena",  “Def. and Dif. Forum” and “J. of Mat. Sci.”, Chairman of DiBoS-97, DSS-02, DSS-2010, DiSo-05, Member of Scientific Advisory Committees of DIMAT and DSL.