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Research interests

  • Implementation on reductional dephosphorization for steels containing Cr and Mn
  • Control over dissolved nitrogen in liquid steel
  • A mini mill's EAF efficiency increase by using liquid pig iron
  • Oxidation of CO to CO2 in an EAF


  • Electrometallurgy of Steels with Special Properties
  • Indroduction to Electrometallurgy of Steel
  • Metallurgical Thermodynamics

Latest publications (in English)

  • A.Y. Stomakhin, E.V. Lysenkova, M. Y. Kan, A.A. Klachkov, V.A. Kolesnikov. (2009). Optimization of nitride-forming elements additions into steel. CIS Iron and Steel Review. № 1.


  • Method of refining of liquid Cr-containing metal from phosphorus and other impurities in a furnacre or a ladle, and apparatus for method's implementation. Authors: A. Ya. Stomakhin, O. V. Stukalin, A. D. Khoroshilov, N. V. Alalykin, K.L. Kosyrev, A.E. Syomin. Registered in the Intellectual Property Protection Department ("Know-how" Depository). № 13-003-2009 ОИС. May 28, 2009.
  • Gas lift for liquid metal. Patent РФ № 2310689. (2006). Authors: A. Ya. Stomakhin, K.L. Kosyrev, A.E. Syomin et al.
  • Method of liquid metal treatment by means of gas lift. Patent РФ № 2307170. (2006). Authors: A. Ya. Stomakhin, K.L. Kosyrev, A.E. Syomin et al.