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office: А-224
phone No.: (+7 495) 638-44-83

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Research interests

  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of interactions in metal-slag-gas systems
  • Thermodynamics of nonmetallic melts
  • Ferroalloys production from mineral raw and industrial materials
  • New processes of ferroalloys smelting


  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of metallurgical processes
  • Production of metals and alloys
  • Processing methods of mineral raw and industrial materials
  • Ferroalloys production


  • Grygorian V.A., Pavlov A.V., Semin A.E., Kossyrev K.L. New way of melt of pig-iron and ferroalloys in the oxygen reactor // THE NINTH INTERNATIONAL FERROALLOYS CONGRESS (INFACON IX), Quebec City, Canada, June 3-6, 2001. – p. 189-191.
  • Pavlov A.V., Kossyrev K.L., Semin A.E., Korostylev A.A. Grygorian V.A. Low-Silicon Ferrosilicon Production from Iron Ore Materials in Oxygen Reactor // TENTH INTERNATIONAL FERROALLOYS CONGRESS (INFACON X), «Transformation through Technology». 1-4 February 2004. Cape Town, South Africa. p.122-129
  • Pavlov A.V., Zavalishina Y.V., . Grygorian V.A., Kossyrev K.L., Chadaeva O.V. Research of briquetting process of fine chromium ores // THE TWELFTH INTERNATIONAL FERROALLOYS CONGRESS (INFACON XII), 6-9 June 2010. Helsinki, Finland. p. 283-292.