Personal Information
First Name: Yury
Last Name: Pokhvisnev
Date of Birth: 23.07.1952

1975 - Engineer Degree, Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys, Physical Chemistry Department
1981 - Ph. D. Engineering Science, Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys


  • 1982-present Associate Professor (before Assistant Professor), Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys
  • 1978-1981 Junior Scientist, Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys
  • 1981-1983 Deputy Head of Department on Science, Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys
  • 1983-2009 Senior Scientist, Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys
  • 2009-present Deputy Director of Romelt Center, Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys
research interests: Physical-chemistry investigations of smelting reduction process of hot metal production beyond blast furnace; thermodynamic calculations of metallurgical processes; operating of smelting reduction processes

RESEARCH PROJECTS: Elaboration, plant development and commercialization of smelting reduction Romelt process

SELECTED Publications:

  •  V. Romenets, V. Valavin, Yu. Pokhvisnev, S. Vandariev. Processing industrial wastes with the liquid-phase reduction Romelt process. Journal of metals, v.51, №8, 1999
  • A.K. Zaytsev, Yu.V. Pokhvisnev. Ecology and recycling in ferrous metallurgy. Soros Educational Journal, v.7, №3, 2001, p. 52-58.
  • V. Valavin, V. Romenets, Yu. Karabasov, Yu. Pokhvisnev et. al. Ecological safety of metallurgical industry using Romelt process. Proceedings of John Floyd International Symposium on Sustainable Development in Metals Processing, July 3-6, 2005, Melbourne, Australia (Editors M. Nilmani and J. Rankin.
  • Romelt process. Group of authors. Edited by V.A.Romenets. Moscow, MISiS, Publishing House “Ore and metals”, 2007. 360 p.
  • V.A. Romenets, V.S. Valavin, Yu.V. Pokhvisnev et. al. Use of the innovative Romelt technology to process iron-bearing wastes from mines and metallurgical plants. Metallurgist, v.54, № 5-6, Sept. 2010, p. 273-277.