Internship 2. в Education First

Description internships

The company is looking for enterprising, motivated and charismatic person with practical experience in sales, who likes to get the job done. During this internship You will assist the sales and marketing to provide the best educational solutions for clients.

The ideal candidate

You are an energetic person who loves to travel and enjoys working with a team of motivated people. You social, fun going, hard working, creative, fashionable, determined, and humble and not afraid to work long hours in peak seasons. You are prestigious, but quite ready to get your hands dirty and do whatever is necessary to succeed. You are probably a little different from a large pool of candidates there.

Key Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • conducting a large number of phone consultations with clients on a daily basis
  • assisting sales teams with client consultations during meetings
  • delivering results based on the goals and objectives while staying within provided budget
  • participating in academic fairs in Moscow as well as in other cities of Russia
  • developing marketing content for presentations and seminars
  • working with customer service team to assist clients

Required Skills and Experience:

  • working knowledge of English language
  • entrepreneurial spirit and drive to success, customer-focused nature
  • creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking
  • attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind
  • high stress tolerance
  • educational requirements: undergraduate degree qualification or equivalent expected

Send resume by e-mail marked internship 2 at EF.