Лекция на тему „Mainstream and Substreams”

The “Scimago Index Rankings” (SIR) plotted roughly the world’s knowledge with more than 5000 research centers located at universities and companies.

It became clear to me that most of the world knowledge is concentrated in roughly 50 knowledge regions such like Silicon Valley, the Boston-Cambridge region, the ELAt triangle etc.

In my study I show that the knowledge economy will be driven by 150 big companies worldwide mostly located in these world knowledge driven regions. These companies will form the Mainstream of the modern economy for the next 10 years.

On this Mainstream we will see thousands of smaller companies characterized by innovation, entrepreneurship and research, companies who will feed this Mainstream. They are the Substream companies.

I defined eleven of these Substreams in the field of: sensors, e-health, energy storage, Fintech, autonomous driving, medtech etc.

These Substream companies will be the oxygen for the 150 Mainstream companies.

(The book Mainstream and Substreams will be published in February 2018 — there will be a Russian edition available later in that year)