Лекция “NanoBio Interfaces: from Nature to Technology and Back to Nature”


Елена Анатольевна Рожкова — Профессор Аргонской национальной лаборатории Центра наносразмерных материалов США, руководитель проекта „Исследование взаимодействия на границе раздела между магнитными частицами переходных металлов и биологической системой” в НИТУ „МИСиС”.


The modern Anthropocene epoch is characterized by two connected human activity-associated phenomena: exhaustion of natural resources along with strong environmental footprint from one side and vigorous development of cutting-edge technologies such as nanotechnology, synthetic biology and artificial life from the other side.
Interfacing of nanotechnology with biological sciences is cross-cutting field of research that is expected to overcome emerging challenges of civilization, including sustainable energy supply, information storage and advancing of medical technologies. Based on powerful chemical synthetic and fabrication approaches and fusion inorganic manmade and soft biological structures the BioNano aids to engineer advanced heterearchitectures at atomic and molecular levels with propeties far beyong individual components. On the other hand, understanding of key natural mechanisms such as light-, magneto- and mechanosesitivity, signaling, energy and charge transfer provides inspiration for replicating natural principles in practical man-made devices.

This talk will provide examples of engineered nature-inspired nano-bio architectures and their applications for solar energy transformation and biomedical technologies.

О спикере:
Dr. Elena A. Rozhkova, US scientist, was born and brought up in Russia. She earned her M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering in 1991 and Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 1997 from the Lomonosov’s Fine Chemical Technology Institute, Moscow, Russia, adviser Prof. Dr. Rima P. Evstigneeva (Corr.-member of Russian Academy of Science). In 2000 she joined the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) as the honored Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral fellow. In 2002 she accepted a Research Staff Member position at the Department of Chemistry, Princeton University to work with Prof. J.T. Groves, a Member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. In 2003 moved to Chicago to start her work for the University of Chicago-Argonne consortium on Solar Energy Transformation. From 2007 she is a Scientist and Principal Investigator at the Nanoscience and Technology (NST) Division, Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM), Argonne National Laboratory.

She authored over 60 peer-reviewed publications, book, book chapters; within last 10 years delivered over 40 keynote, plenary and invited talks.