Презентация «Инновационная деятельность Католического университета Лёвена в мехатронике и производстве в контексте Индустрии 4.0»


Спикер: профессор Вим Десмет из Католического университета Лёвена (Бельгия)

Язык встречи — английский, синхронный перевод на русский язык.

KU Leuven innovations in mechatronics and manufacturing in an Industry 4.0 context

Wim Desmet

Full Professor

KU Leuven — Department of Mechanical Engineering — Belgium

Head of the Noise and Vibration Research Group

Chairman of the KU Leuven Industrial Research Fund

Director of the Flanders Make Department on Mechatronics and Design Methods

We are at the eve of the fourth industrial revolution with a full digitization of the entire value chain, paving the way for smart and innovative products and processes.
New production technologies such as additive manufacturing create new possibilities for complex parts and structures. Advanced modeling and simulation strategies allow for the creation of digital twins for the permanent monitoring and optimal control of components in vehicles and machines.

KU Leuven has a very strong track record in spin-off creation. This talk describes how KU Leuven develops innovative research trajectories in mechatronics and manufacturing, through strong industry-academia collaborations, including interactions with its spinoff companies. Illustrations include the design of vibro-acoustic metamaterials that enable the design and manufacturing of lightweight constructions with superior noise and vibration insulation properties. Also model based virtual sensing strategies are discussed, which allow to retrieve hard to measure quantities such as mechanical stress, dynamic force and power flow, through the combination of data from affordable (non-intrusive) sensors with first-principle models in single- and multistep observers.