10-недельный курс «Устной научной коммуникации для ученых и исследователей «НИТУ МИСиС» на английском языке (Communication for Researchers).

Информация о курсе на английском языке:
Participants will develop and practice speaking skills needed to be successful in an academic and professional environment. A variety of materials will give the students the opportunity to participate actively in exercises, improve their listening skills and their own public speaking delivery, and prepare academic presentations. Students who wish to enroll in this intensive, 10-week course must demonstrate the following:

  • High-level critical thinking skills to comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and respond to academic lectures.
  • Vocabulary knowledge and the ability to pick up context clues to make inferences.
  • Understand the main ideas and details of complex academic listening sources.
  • Take organized notes on academic lectures.
  • Communicate accurately and fluently using effective presentation skills on academic topics and participate in active discussions.

Participants will be able to:

  • Expand academic vocabulary to increase class participation and comprehension of academic lectures at the graduate level.
  • Employ various listening and speaking strategies to improve comprehension and expression for academic purposes at the graduate and post-graduate levels.
  • Create and deliver well-structured and complex presentations of academic material.
  • Use online and campus academic resources and support services.
Attendance Policy:
  • Students are expected to attend class regularly and on time.
  • Be prepared to actively participate in class. This means leading discussions, asking questions, giving your opinions, and interactively listening to others.