A process for producing ferrocarbon melt

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Название A process for producing ferrocarbon melt to make steel (Способ производства железоуглеродистого расплава для получения стали)

Авторы Роменец В.А., Стомахин А.Я., Карабасов Ю.С., Валавин В.С., Гиммельфарб А.И., Сериков Г.И., Чайкин Б.С., Левин М.Я, Трипатхи П.Р., Литвиненко В.И.

Реферат The present invention relates to ferrous metallurgy and, in particular, to the processes for the production of steel or a semi-product for making the same. The technical effect from the use of the present invention resides in cutting the expenditures on carrying out the process of steel smelting and, as the result, in the reduction of cost of the produced product. This is achieved by that in the known process, which comprises charging hot metal into a vessel having refractory lining, feeding an oxygen — containing gas and a slag — forming material onto and/or under the surface of the melt contained in the vessel to refine the melt and remove the gas forming thereat, a ladle is used as said vessel with refractory lining into which hot metal containing 0.05-0.4 % of silicon is charged from a liquid — phase reduction plant of „Romelt” type; the oxygen -containing gas and the slag — forming material being fed in the process of said charging in an amount needed to remove 50-95 % of the total content of admixtures from the melt, and the gas, which is formed in the process of refining, is mixed with the exhaust gas from the „Romelt” plant followed by supplying the resultant mixture of gases to a plant for utilization their energy.