Binder for the fabrication of diamond tools

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Номер международной публикации: WO2007055616

Дата международной публикации: 18.05.2007

Название Binder for the fabrication of diamond tools (Связка для изготовления алмазного инструмента)

Авторы Левашов Е.А., Андреев В.А., Курбаткина В.В.

Реферат This invention relates to powder metallurgy, more specifically, to methods of fabricating hard alloy items. The invention can be used as an iron, cobalt or nickel base binder for the fabrication of diamond cutting tools for the construction industry and stone cutting, including segmented cutting discs of different designs and wires for reinforced concrete and asphalt cutting used in the renovation of highway pavements, runways in airports, upgrading of metallurgical plants, nuclear power plants, bridges and other structures, monolithic reinforced concrete cutting drills, as well as discs and wires for the quarry production of natural stone and large scale manufacturing of facing construction materials. This invention achieves the objective of providing binders for the fabrication of diamond tools having higher wear resistance without a significant increase in the sintering temperature, as well as higher hardness, strength and impact toughness. The achievement of these objectives by adding an iron group metal as the main component of the binder composition and alloying additives in the form of nanosized powder in accordance with this invention is illustrated with several examples of different type binders for the fabrication of diamond tools.