Biologically compatible multicomponent coatings

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Номер международной публикации: WO2007004913

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Название Biologically compatible multicomponent nanostructural coatings for medical application (Биосовместимые многокомпонентные наноструктурные покрытия для медицины)

Авторы Левашов Е.А., Штанский Д.В., Глушанкова Н.А., Решетов И.В.

Реферат Biocompatible wear resistant nanostructured thin film materials are provided for application as coatings in the fabrication of load-bearing implants, for example, orthopedic and dental prosthetics, dental crowns, implants for maxillofacial surgery, artificial limbs, fixtures etc. Requirements to these materials include high hardness, fatigue resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and absence of toxicity. The multicomponent nanostructured coating (MNC) has high hardness, low elastic modulus, high adhesion to the substrate, low friction coefficient and wear rate, high resistance to long elastic strain to failure and plastic deformation, low surface roughness, negative surface charge in physiological media (4.5 <pH <9), bioactive surface, biocompatibility and absence of toxicity.; Biocompatible multicomponent nanostructured coatings for load-bearing implants are synthesized on the basis of titanium carbonitride with the addition of elements that improve the mechanical and frictional properties of the coating and provide for its bioactivity, biocompatibility and absence of toxicity.