Glass Melting Method

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Название Glass Melting Method and Molten Glass Layer Bubbling Glass Melting Furnace (Способ варки стекломассы и стекловаренная печь с барботированием слоя стекломассы)

Авторы Сборщиков Г.С., Клегг Ю.Д., Гришаева С.В., Клегг Д. Ю.

Реферат This invention relates to the continuous production of molten glass for further production of glassware and can be used for glass melting and obtaining glass semiproduct. The technical objective of this invention is to provide a method and a furnace for producing molten glass with stabilized physical properties due to an increased phase boundary area, higher temperature in the glass furnace bath and intensified mixing as well as due to a higher output of the glass furnace. Molten glass layer bubbling glass melting method comprising melting the glass layer in the first chamber of the furnace to the working level, further uninterrupted loading of large and small charge portions into the molten glass layer with simultaneous intense bubbling of the molten glass layer with high-temperature combustion products aiming at the formation of the maximum possible charge/molten glass phase boundary area and achieving a molten glass temperature of at least 1500 DEG C, which conditions intensify the melting, silicate formation, vitrification and homogenizing processes, delivery of the chemically and thermally homogeneous molten glass produced by bubbling to the degassing and cooling section located under the bubbled molten glass layer, with an intense release from the molten glass layer of process gases that pass through the bubbled layer to the space above the layer where the process gases undergo primary cleaning and cooling, and the degassed molten glass is delivered to the further output section.