Jet Forming Nozzle Fabrication Method

Международная заявка PCT/RU2012/001042

Дата конвенционного приоритета 10.12.2012

Конвенционная заявка RU2013111286

Дата подачи конвенционной заявки 14.03.2013

Название Jet Forming Nozzle Fabrication Method (Способ изготовления струеформирующих сопел)

Авторы Полушин Н. И., Лаптев А.И., Сорокин Е. Н.

Реферат This invention relates to the fabrication of jet forming nozzles that can be used, for instance, for the cleaning of surfaces, removal of coatings, production of roughness on surfaces, cutting and separation of materials. The technical result of this invention is increasing the service life of the jet forming nozzle due to a higher wear resistance of the working orifice walls of the nozzle and retaining the compactness of the abrasive jet for a longer time in order to increase the efficiency of the jet forming nozzle for gas and hydraulic machining of materials. Said technical result of this invention is achieved as follows. The jet forming nozzle fabrication method comprises producing a working orifice in a composite diamond material synthesized at high pressures and temperatures using a binder and the final machining of the working orifice followed by nitride hardening. Said composite diamond material comprises a diamond phase and a binder phase comprising nickel and titanium wherein the titanium content is 5.0 — 15.0 wt.%.