Method of fabricating a target

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Название Method of fabricating a target (Способ изготовления мишени для получения функциональных покрытий)

Авторы Левашов Е.А., Штанский Д.В., Курбаткина В.В.

Реферат This invention relates to powder metallurgy, more specifically, to methods of fabricating ceramics and hard alloy items using self-propagating high- temperature synthesis (SHS). This invention can be used in chemical, machine-tool construction and engineering industries and metallurgy for the synthesis of functional coatings (hard and superhard, corrosion- resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, biocompatible, and mechanically strong) using ion-plasma sputtering. For the method of fabricating a target for the synthesis of coatings, at least three pellets are fabricated to form said sputtered working layer, said intermediate layer and an initiating layer at least from three powdered mixtures having exothermal compositions capable of chemical interaction in SHS mode after the local heat-initiated reaction.; The sputtered working layer and the intermediate layer are bonded to a shaped metallic plate through a metallic solder layer. Finally, said initiating layer is removed.