Method of refining high-carbon metal melt

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Название Method of refining high-carbon metal melt (Способ рафинирования высокоуглеродистых расплавов)

Авторы Стомахин А.Я., Роменец В.А., Мизин В.Г., Еланский Д.Г., Козлов А.Н.

Реферат The invention relates to metallurgy, in particular to methods of refining a high-carbon metal melt, for example, hot metal, when steel or a semiproduct for its production is being produced. The technical effect achieved upon use of the present invention is a reduction of the capital expenditures spent on carrying out the process of refining a high-carbon metal melt, for example, hot metal, and, as a result, a reduction of the cost of the obtained product. This is achieved in a known method comprising charging a high-carbon metal melt into a refining vessel and blowing an oxygen-containing gas through tuyures located in the refining vessel under the melt, in that in accordance with the invention, the oxygen-containing gas in an amount ensuring the supply of 80-100% of the oxygen necessary to obtain a predetermined degree of refining is blown in the process of filling the refining vessel with the melt.