Method of Surgical Treatment

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Название Method of Surgical Treatment of Intestinal Obstructions in Narrow and Large Intestine and Device for its Implementation (Способ хирургического лечения кишечных непроходимостей тонкого и толстого кишечника и устройство для его осуществления)

Авторы Прокошкин С.Д., Хмелевская И.Ю., Рыклина Е.П., Коротицкий А.В., Чернов-Хараев А.Н., Сутурин М.В., Сутурин В. М.

Реферат This invention relates to medicine, more specifically, to the surgical treatment of intestinal obstructions using the minimum invasive (endoscopic) method. The invention provides the possibility of the surgical treatment of intestinal obstructions along the entire length of the intestine by means of stenting. The technical result achieved by the first and second subjects of the invention is providing the total surgical treatment of intestinal obstructions in the narrow and large intestine by installing a stent at an intestine obstruction location in a manner allowing further moving the stent during its positioning or removal and avoiding damage to the intestine as a result of the surgical manipulations. Said technical objective is achieved with the first subject of the invention, i.e. the method, as follows. The method of surgical treatment of intestinal obstructions in narrow and large intestine comprises the movement of the endoscope across the entire length of the narrow and large intestine and delivering the dilatation balloon and stent system to the obstructed section of the intestine. After the dilatation balloon and stent system is delivered to the obstructed section of the intestine, the dilatation balloon is installed at the intestine obstruction location, and the normal intestine section is restored by inflating the dilatation balloon. Then the volume of the dilatation balloon is reduced, the balloon is retracted to the endoscope, and the stent is installed at the intestine obstruction location. The movement of the dilatation balloon and stent is controlled using a hydraulic piston mechanism. Said technical objective is achieved with the second subject of the invention, i.e. the device, as follows.