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ScopusApplication of thermally stimulated acoustic emission method to assess the thermal resistance and related properties of coalsNovikov E., Oshkin R., Shkuratnik V., Epshtein S., Dobryakova N.International Journal of Mining Science and Technology2018T28 № 2ISSN: 2095-2686
ScopusFeatures of sorption-induced strength degradation of coals originated from potentially prone to outburst and non-hazardous packsEpshtein S., Kossovich E.PHYSICS OF ROCKS AND PROCESSES2018№ 12ISSN 0017-2278
ScopusSpringback coefficient of round steel beam under elastoplastic torsionShinkin V.CIS Iron and Steel Review2018№ 15ISSN: 2072-0815.
ScopusSimple analytical dependence of elastic modulus on high temperatures for some steels and alloysShinkin V.CIS Iron and Steel Review2018№ 15ISSN: 2072-0815.
ScopusElastoplastic Flexure of Round Steel Beams. 1. Springback CoefficientShinkin V.Stal’ and Izvestiya VUZ. Chernaya Metallurgiya / Steel in Translation2018T48 № 3ISSN: 0967-0912
ScopusElastoplastic bend of round steel beam. Report 1. springback coefficientShinkin V.Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenij. Chernaya Metallurgiya2018T61 № 3ISSN: 0368-0797
ScopusModern Russian high-tech construction materials and their application in domestic construction industry (on example of metal-ceramic panels Hardwall)Nesterova V.IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering2018
ScopusExamination of structural members of aerial vehicles by laser ultrasonic structuroscopyBlokhin D.International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET)2018T9 № 11ISSN: 0976- 6308
ScopusStudying of Elastoplastic Properties of Coal Specimens Using Indentation TechniqueKossovich EIzvestiya saratovskogo universiteta novaya seriya-matematika mekhanika informatika2018T18 № 4ISSN: 1816-9791
ScopusPreliminary straightening of steel stripShinkin V.Stal’ and Izvestiya VUZ. Chernaya Metallurgiya / Steel in Translation2018№ 5ISSN: 0967-0912
ScopusAluminum treatment in the electrolytic plasma during the anodic processDuradji V., Kaputkin D., Duradji A.Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review2017T10 № 3ISSN: 1791-9320
ScopusActivity of coals of different rank to ozoneKaminskii V., Kossovich E., Epshtein S., Obvintseva L., Nesterova V.AIMS Energy2017T5 № 3ISSN: 2333-8334
ScopusPerspectives and problems of modern depth-sensing indentation techniques application for diagnostics of coals mechanical propertiesKossovich E., Epshtein S., Shkuratnik V., Minin M.Gornyi Zhurnal2017№ 12ISSN: 0017-2278
ScopusHigh-frequency approximation of plane wave propagation in an elastic medium with periodic distribution of cracksTalonov A., Savatorova V., Vlasov A.Composites: Mechanics, Computations, Applications, An International Journal2017T8 № 4ISSN: 2152-2057
ScopusSpringback coefficient of the main pipelines’ steel large-diameter pipes under elastoplastic bendingShinkin V.CIS Iron and Steel Review2017№ 14ISSN: 2072-0815
ScopusArithmetical method of calculation of power parameters of 2N-roller straightening machine under flattening of steel sheetShinkin V.CIS Iron and Steel Review2017№ 13ISSN: 2072-0815
ScopusSome specific characteristics of indentation of cracked layered structuresVatul’yan A., Kossovich E., Plotnikov D.Izvestiya RAN. Mekhanika Tverdogo Tela / Mechanics of Solids2017T52 № 4ISSN: 0025-6544
ScopusSimplified method for calculation of bending moments of steel sheet and reactions of working rollers in multiroll straightening machineShinkin V.Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenij. Chernaya Metallurgiya2017T60 № 10
ScopusMechanical and functional properties of commercial alloy TN-1 semiproducts fabricated by warm rotary forging and ECAPBondareva S., Karelin R., Andreev V., Yusupov V., Perkas M., Prosvirnin V., Shelest A., Prokoshkin S., Khmelevskaya I., Korotitskii A.Metally / Russian Metallurgy2017№ 10ISSN: 0036-0295
Web of ScienceElectrolyte-Plasma Modification of Surface of Ti-Based Alloy during Electrohydrodynamic Mode of Anodic ProcessDuradji VN, Kaputkin DE, Duradji AYJournal of The Electrochemical Society2017Т 164 № 9ISSN: 0013-4651
ScopusThe investigations of nanoclusters and micronsized periodic structures created at the surface of the crystal and amorphous silica by resonant CO2 laser irradiationMukhamedgalieva A., Bondar A., Svedov I., Kononov M., Laptev V., Novikova N.EPJ Web of Conferences XXV-th Congress on Spectroscopy2017132, 03035
Web of ScienceThe estimation of the kinetic parameters of low-temperature coal oxidationKaminsky VA, Obvintseva NY, Epshtein SAAIMS Energy2017Т5 № 2ISSN: 2333-8326
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Web of ScienceSolid fossil fuels thermal decomposition features in air and argonEpshtein S., Kossovich E., Kaminskii V., Durov N., Dobryakova N.Fuel2017Т199ISSN: 0016-2361
Web of ScienceContact stiffness depth-sensing indentation: Understanding of material properties of thin films attached to substratesArgatov I., Borodich F., Epshtein S., Kossovich E.Mechanics of Materials2017Т114ISSN: 0167-6636
Web of ScienceInteraction of coals with ozone at low concentrationsObvintseva L., Sukhareva I., Epshtein S., Dobryakova N., Avetisov A.Khimiya Tverdogo Topliva, Rossiiskaya Akademiya Nauk / Solid Fuel Chemistry2017Т51 № 3ISSN: 0361-5219
Web of ScienceThe estimation of the kinetic parameters of low-temperature coal oxidationKaminsky VA, Obvintseva NY, Epshtein SAAIMS Energy2017Т5 № 2ISSN: 2333-8326
Web of ScienceTheoretical study of chitosan-graphene and other chitosan-based nanocomposites stabilityKossovich EAIMS Materials Science2017Т4 № 2ISSN: 2372-0468
Web of ScienceMathematical model of technological parameters’ calculation of flanging press and the formation criterion of corrugation defect of steel sheet’s edgeShinkin V.CIS Iron and Steel Review2017Т13ISSN: 2072-0815
Web of ScienceFailure of large-diameter steel pipe with rolling scabsShinkin V.Stal’ and Izvestiya VUZ. Chernaya Metallurgiya / Steel in Translation2017Т47 № 6ISSN: 0967-0912
Web of ScienceDestruction of large-diameter steel pipes at rolled burnton defectShinkin V.Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenij. Chernaya Metallurgiya2017т60 № 6ISSN: 0368-0797
Web of ScienceCalculation Of technological parameters of o-forming press for manufacture of large-diameter steel pipesShinkin V.CIS Iron and Steel Review2017т13ISSN: 2072-0815
Web of ScienceCalculation of parameters of the asymmetrical three-roller sheet-bending rolls in steel pipes productionShinkin V.Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenij. Chernaya Metallurgiya2017Т60 № 4ISSN: 0368-0797
Web of ScienceAsymmetric three-roller sheet-bending systems in steel-pipe productionShinkin V.Stal’ and Izvestiya VUZ. Chernaya Metallurgiya / Steel in Translation2017Т47 № 4ISSN: 0967-0912
Web of ScienceCalculation of bending moments of steel sheet and support reactions under flattening on the eight-roller straightening machineShinkin V.Chernye Metally2017Т4ISSN: 0132-0890
Web of ScienceCalculation of steel sheet’s curvature for its flattening in the eight-roller straightening machineShinkin V.Chernye Metally2017Т2ISSN: 0132-0890
Web of ScienceSpin wave damping arising from phase coexistence below Tc in colossal magnetoresistive La0.7Ca0.3MnO3Helton J., Jones S., Parshall D., Stone M., Shulyatev D., Lynn J.Physical Review B2017Т96 № 10ISSN: 2469-9950
Web of ScienceElastic properties of La0.82Ca0.18MnO3 single crystalZainullina R., Bebenin N., Ustinov V., Shulyatev D.Fizika Tverdogo Tela / Physics of the Solid State2017Т59 № 2ISSN: 1063-7834
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Web of ScienceInelastic behavior of potassium hydrogen phthalate single crystals under ultrasonic deformationKoldaeva M., Bushueva G., Zinenkova G., Naimi E., Turskaya T.Fizika Tverdogo Tela / Physics of the Solid State2016Т58 № 1ISSN: 1063-7834
Web of ScienceSurface copper-carbon microstructures formation by means of magnetron sputtering a composite copper-carbon targetValyanskii S., Vinogradov S., Kononov M., Kononov V., Rastopov S.Applied Physics20161ISSN: 1996-0948
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